Mission Statement

Kowal+Odermatt Projects is a multifaceted platform to support the arts. Our mission encompasses 3 C’s: Collecting, Connecting and Curating. Through these activities and two residency programs Kowal+Odermatt Projects develops strong relationships with artists, patrons and the communities around them. Kowal+Odermatt Projects functions out of Miami, New York, and Montreal.

Collection is foundational for Kowal Odermatt Projects. It is a springboard for artists and facilitates the goals of connecting and curating. Collecting provides and intimate introduction for an array for top-tier artist to an engaged community. Artists have the opportunity to circulate with interested viewers and add works to important art collections. Through connecting, Kowal+Odermatt Projects utilize their hybrid network to collaborate with collectors, art galleries and art professional, establishing trusted links that give resident artists credibility and exposure. By curating, Kowal+Odermatt display innovative pieces by globally renowned artists in cutting-edge environments.

The Kowal+Odermatt Artist-In-Residency program invites exceptional emerging and recognized artists from all over the world to live, work and exhibit in Miami. This unique program allows participating artists to expand their creative possibilities and introduce fresh new talent to the Miami art community. Isabelle Kowal gives the artists the tools and support to flourish within a network of artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, art professionals and art lovers.

Kowal+Odermatt Projects maintains a second Artist-In-Residency program outside of Montreal for summer terms. This residency focuses more on retreat, offering artists a lush and isolated landscape to develop ideas away from the many demands of metropolitan life. This Montreal retreat is often in communication or collaboration with Arsenal Contemporary Art.

Since 2014, Kowal+Odermatt Projects has expanded activity in New York by facilitating artistic endeavors and production projects. Kowal+Odermatt Projects favors experimental projects like performances, limited edition publications, video, installation, and collaborations with the arts community.