Contributing – Crossing The Line Festival 2016

Crossing The Line Festival 2016
Isabelle Kowal is happy to be part of the producer’s circle of Crossing the line festival happening in New York September thru November 2016.

Crossing the Line Festival

Sep 22–Nov 3, 2016

“The guiding principle for Crossing the Line is championing artists who push boundaries” —The New York Times

Welcome to the 10th edition of Crossing the Line, a citywide festival that engages international artists and New York City audiences in discovery and dialogue to re-imagine the world around us.

We invite you on a series of glorious adventures and wondrous encounters in our own city. From the public plazas of the Bronx to Federal Hall on Wall Street, from Times Square to the Lower East Side, this year’s artists and companies will shift your sense of possibility in the world.

We’re so glad you can join us!


The festival is produced by FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française)

in partnership with the following leading cultural institutions.