Kowal+Odermatt Announces Inaugural Show

Fernando Mastrangelo Medallions
October 8-29, 2013
Kowal+Odermatt is very pleased to announce as it’s inaugural show the exhibition “Medallions”, by sculptor Fernando Mastrangelo.

Originally having been part of a larger project, titled Avarice, this new series of sculptures relates to an ancient tradition of the people of the Aztec and later Mayan cultures, whereby deities were presented with gifts and adornments, similar to Mastrangelo’s medallions, in order to ingratiate oneself to these impersonal and supernatural forces.

For this exhibition, Mastrangelo, who freely admits to having a preoccupation with mythology and rituals, uses his medallions to tell narrative-based experiences, after having immersed himself, often months at a time, in the research of a particular topic, and traveling to different parts of the world. The artist replaces the original materials used by the Aztecs and Mayans to adorn the their gifts, in most cases precious gems and stones, with modern-day commodities such as corn, coffee, or sugar.

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