Recent Acquisition Summer 2014

Maria Kriara, Untitled, graphite pencil on paper, 120x60cm, Unique

Image on the left illustrates a woman sewing a landscape on burlap. Women’s Royal Voluntary Service in Britain used that as a common practice in order to create maps that depict landscapes as seen from the air. These maps were used by Royal Air force pilots in their training. Second picture illustrates a 1969 land art work of Michael Heizer entitled “Double Negative” located in the Moapa Valley, Nevada, where the artist removed 244,00 tons of rock, creating thus a man-made negative space. Third image depicts a aeronautic test performed at Yale University. Woman creating an artificial “natural” landscape in scale and Heizer creating the same artificial “natural” landscape in actual scale. Investigating landscape. Man’s relation to his environment. Three different scales of approaching/viewing the landscape.