Soraya Sharghi

Kowal Odermatt Projects is happy to introduce Soraya Sharghi as its fall 2016 and spring 2017 resident. Soraya is a Tehran born artist living and working in New York City. She has just been awarded the prestigious residency award from Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts. She currently works at the New York Takashi Murakami studio.

Kowal Odermatt Projects will facilitate Soraya’s new experimentations with digital media, providing her with a studio lab with high technology devices for her new projects.

In her own words:

I often draw on childhood memories — facets of my inner-child or complex parts of my Self — to understand the formation of my individual, adult identity and translate it to universal human experience that crosses cultural divisions and boundaries. The iconography of my work is focused on fictions at the intersection between reality and fantasy, influenced by mythology and heroic narratives, like in the Peris serie. My art attempts to collaborate across disciplines while personally reaching for a universal language that creates dialogues spanning different social and political contexts, challenging the simplicity of stereotypes associated with my culture by personalizing and historicizing them.

I am working with both, two and three-dimensional media in my practice, and recently I’ve become interested in combining painting and sculpture as well as digital media to invite the other dimensions to my paintings.