Fernando Mastrangelo

Al One is a sculpture/technology collaboration between Fernando Mastrangelo and Napster Founder Shawn Fanning.

The sculpture is programmed with articial intelligence using social networking as the platform to its audience. As Al connects to more and more people via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, he will take on their virtual personality traits, evolving with each connection. He will become the sum of his collective, their likes and dislikes, their sentiments and what they are posting on their feeds, their favorite movies, music and all other traits represented in the social networking platforms.

Al seeks to grow this network to continually gain intelligence, thus pursuing friendships using face recognition technology, sending friend requests, tagging photos that he takes at his exhibitions, and recording video. Al also has the ability to text message, and carry on a conversation, he is at once an Articial Life, and a fully developed virtual being based on his growing social network.